Andre Frey

Andre Frey

Andre Frey is a seasoned energy healer, specializing in transformative group sessions that combine healing energy with relaxation. With over a decade of experience, Andre has cultivated a unique approach to well-being.

Collaborative Healing: Andre frequently collaborates with musician Shomon Daniel, enhancing the healing experience through the harmonious combination of energy work and soothing music.

Men's Wellness Advocate: Beyond individual sessions, Andre is passionate about creating supportive spaces for men's well-being. He actively involves himself in men's spaces and collaborates with like-minded individuals such as Heinie Bosman, Nick Mclean, and Simric Yarrow.

Positive Impact: Known for facilitating sessions that elicit positive experiences, Andre Frey is committed to holistic well-being, leaving participants refreshed and transformed.

Connect with Andre: Embark on a journey of healing and relaxation with Andre Frey. Join his sessions for a unique blend of energy healing and music, and explore the positive impact of well-being.