Richi Lubner

Richi Lubner

After much life experience, training and more than 25 years of instruction in the tradition and lineage passed down from his Grand Master, Xie Shoude offers an introduction, insight and immersion into the ancient practice and philosophy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Tai Chi and Qigong (chi~kung) which essentially translates as the ”cultivation of energy practice” is an ancient Chinese practice and body/mind medicine that helps to cultivate, circulate and store life force energy (chi/prana) in your body and organs.

This art form is experienced as a “meditation in motion” and the movements are both gentle and extremely powerful resulting in increased energy, clarity, focus, blood/oxygen circulation and an overall calming of the central nervous system.

This experience of Chi (life force) that already resides and flows in your body is activated and felt from the first session with Richi.

No prior experience is necessary and or athletic ability is required. Recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing, flat shoes or barefoot.