Mariette Carstens

Mariette Carstens

Meet Mariette Carstens, a beacon of transformation and the soul behind the sacred grounds where SpiritFest unfolds.

As a seasoned Transformational Therapist and Trainer, Mariette has dedicated over 30 years to facilitating profound shifts for individuals and communities. Her journey involves holding space for countless children, parents, families, students, teachers, schools, and organizations. Through Transformational Training, Teachings, Tools, and Therapies rooted in Energetic Principles, Mariette turns stumbling blocks into stepping stones, guiding others toward a path of empowerment and self-discovery.

Mariette's expertise extends to a Holistic Behaviour Management Model that empowers parents to cultivate harmony at home and assists teachers in fostering cooperation in the classroom. Her approach involves navigating through blockages and limitations that may impede learning and personal evolution.

At the heart of Mariette's philosophy is the profound understanding that the relationship is the Guru of Growth. She advocates for conscious connection as the key to unlocking the potential and purpose inherent in every individual and aspect of our lives. Through the fusion of personal growth and conscious parenting, Mariette catalyzes a revolution in relationships, healing energetic blockages within the family field and contributing to the evolution of consciousness itself.

As the custodian of the land where SpiritFest takes root, Mariette Carstens invites you to embrace the transformative energy of this sacred space. Join us in a collective journey where her wisdom and the spirit of SpiritFest converge, creating an atmosphere of growth, connection, and conscious evolution.