Arend & Alyssa

Arend & Alyssa

Soul Revolution - Revolutionary Breath



During this breathing exercise, we will engage in connected breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. We inhale as deeply as possible, filling the lungs completely, and release the exhalation like a sigh through the mouth.

First, 10 breaths, then 20 breaths, and then 30 breaths. Between the rounds, we will do breath retentions.

After the exercise, we remain seated in a meditative posture with our eyes closed, allowing the effects of the exercise to integrate within us.

Physically, this exercise increases lung capacity, improves breathing patterns, reduces tension and stagnation, and enhances overall health. Mentally and emotionally, this exercise provides more space, clarity, self-confidence, releases blockages, and supports the processing of traumas and fears. Energetically, this exercise balances your life energy, increases your energy production, decreases your energy consumption, allows energetic blockages to flow through, and raises your energy frequency.

Arend and Alyssa together form Soul Revolution. Besides being partners in love, they share a mutual passion for Breathwork, which has led to their revolutionary mission to make "conscious living the new normal."

Together, they have truly weathered storms, yet they wouldn't erase a single day from their past. This journey has brought them to where they are now and has made them experts in various fields.

Trained both in India, where breath techniques from Yoga originate, and in Amsterdam, Arend and Alyssa have undergone a variety of trainings over the years, culminating in their unique specialization.

At Soul Revolution, the values of expertise, reliability, love, and creating a safe environment are paramount. Feel welcome to participate in our events!