PLAN YOUR WEEKEND AHEAD – 5 to 9th March 2020

General Camping: Happy campers are most welcome and included in your festival ticket! There is a beautiful flat area with short grass between the car park and river front, reserved for campers. Just BYO tent and bedding and get settled. Please Note: Each camping space is limited to a 2- 4 person tent.

Caravan Camping: Caravans, campervans or vehicles with rooftop tents are welcome. More details are included on the ticket purchase page. Please note: We do not provide RV hook-ups.

Tent Rentals: For campers wanting to arrive and find their tent all set up, SpiritFest will be collaborating with two service providers, offering you a selection of pre-pitched tents and tipi options to suit your style and budget – check here for details


Please DO NOT bring: 

• Animals – (with the exception of assistance dogs), animals will not be permitted onto the festival site.

• Alcohol – SpiritFest is an alcohol-free / drug-free event that aims to creates a safe environment for friends and family to play and explore. Trust us, you’ll be high on life and drunk on love by the end of the four days. 

• Unnecessary valuables – Leave the bling behind. The festival doesn’t take responsibility for lost/stolen items.
• Fire – All forms of braais, candles, gas cookers etc are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This region has a large amount of dry flammable areas due to drought. Besides, your spirit will be on fire for the most part.
• Trash – SpiritFest is a “Leave no trace” event and we mean it. So please don’t bring ANYTHING you can’t take home with you. Please remove any additional packaging (plastics, cardboard, etc) that you might throw away at the event, when packing your food and bags.